Banking + Financing

Working Capital Finance

AFC's working capital facility grants your company access to needed funds to effectively manage your business cash flow.


Account Receivables Financing

Monetise account receivables into cash to finance your working capital and grow your business.

short term

Short Term Loan/Revolving Credit Facility

Grow your investments and new projects using our short term loans and revolving credit facilities as flexible sources of funding for business expansion.

Term Loan
term loan

AFC's term loan provides companies access to financing to support their long term capital investments and business expansion.

Grow your long term capital investments using our term loan structured to match the cash flow profile of your investment.

Structured and Project Financing

By providing customised services to your project's unique financing requirements, AFC will work with you to provide structured and project financing solutions. We also offer financial advisory services to fully maximise its economic value of your project.


Infrastructure Financing Facility

Finance your infrastructure investment in the region with tailor-made limited recourse or non-recourse project finance.

financing facility

Construction Project Financing Facility

AFC offers structured solutions specific to the requirements of each construction project.

Trade Finance

AFC works with our clients to provide selected trade finance related solutions for your business, customised to suit your needs.

bills discount

Bills Discounting

We discount bill receivables to provide liquidity for your working capital needs.

banker guarantee

Banker's Guarantee

We support your company's local and overseas projects with bid, performance and warranty bonds including banker's guarantees.

Mezzanine Capital

Raise hybrid financing without stretching your equity commitments for your company's financing.

Complement your funding gap with mezzanine capital in the form of high yield debt or debt with equity convertible features.

Loan Syndication
loan syndication

Tap into syndicated loans for your business working capital requirements, debt refinancing and complex structured finance such as project financing and leveraged buyout financing.

We will assist your company to structure the optimal debt and financing terms and co-ordinate the syndicated lending among the network of our shareholders’ banks.

Government Assistance Schemes
Internationalisation Finance Scheme (IFS)

The IFS, administered by International Enterprise Singapore (IES), is designed to help Singapore-based companies expand their operations to foreign grounds and internationalise successfully. Our co-operation with IES will help companies to grow their businesses regionally.

  • Asset-based financing

    Purchase or construct factories, buildings (including land) and other fixed assets such as machinery.

  • Structured Loans

    Finance secured overseas projects or confirmed overseas sales orders.

  • Banker’s Guarantee

    Guarantee facilities for secured overseas projects.

  • Merger & Acquisition Financing

    Finance the acquisition of equity stakes in businesses with the intent of overseas expansion. The acquisition should synergise with your core business.

  • Must be either a Singapore-based company or the overseas subsidiary/associate of a Singapore-based company.

  • Annual turnover and its subsidiaries must not exceed the following:

    • Non-trading companies: S$300 million.
    • Trading companies (more than 50% of sales turnover derived from trading): S$500 million.
  • The overseas business must complement the Singapore company’s core operations and result in economic spin-offs to Singapore.

IP Scheme
Intellectual Property Financing Scheme

The Intellectual Property Financing Scheme launched by Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS) is designed to encourage financial institutions to support companies to raise funding using intellectual property (IP) as an asset class for loan applications. The Scheme enables companies to unlock IP portfolio value in capital fund raising exercises. The Bank's co-operation with IPOS will assist companies in expanding their businesses. Come discuss with us if you are an IP-rich company incorporated in Singapore.


IP Financing Scheme can be used to support the funding needs for your company’s business, backed by either a patent, copyright or trademark.

  • Singapore incorporated businesses with copyrighted materials, granted patents or trademarks will be used as collaterals.
  • The patents, copyrights or trademarks must be valued by a member of the panel of valuers appointed by IPOS.

Financial Advisory

Project Finance

Tap into the tremendous infrastructure opportunities in the region. AFC will work hand-in-hand with you to :

  • Offer strategic advice on project financing structure.
  • Realise your optimal debt and equity mixture.
  • Develop financial models.
  • Raise syndicated project finance.
Mergers & Acquisitions

Upon reaching a steady growth platform, your next strategic step is to scale up by expanding into new markets and diversifying into new products and technology. AFC can facilitate your company in this process to :

  • Evaluate potential acquisition targets.
  • Conduct valuation analyses.
  • Arrange acquisition financing.
  • Seek corporate broking.
  • Explore strategic joint venture partnerships.
Corporate Finance

As your business goes through the different stages of the corporate life cycle, the need to evaluate the capital efficiency and valuation of your business becomes increasingly important. AFC offers :

  • Reviews of capital structure optimisation and its strategic implications.
  • Financial and business valuation.
  • Corporate valuations.
  • Debt and equity private placements.



AFC selectively takes a strategic equity or pre-IPO investment in a business or project using venture capital, private equity or mezzanine capital.

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